Christian Rock This! Mental Diarrhea of the Brain That Unexpectedly Has (Could Have) Content

Listening to a favorite “Christian rock” band again and happy. I do not generally like the genre, I can’t even say I find it tolerable, though I do like Christianity (my religion) and rock music.

I think it’s just that they capture what it really should be to be Christian:stupid, immoral, childish, clumsy and absurd.

I call on all those fundamentalist Christians to go back to the book and read it with a more critical eye. It’s not about controlled behavior, strict codes, Moral Majorities, etc. Christianity was a break from all that. That is everything Jesus (mostly) said “don’t do.”

On the other end my loved ones on the other side need to cut the crap. The antithesis of moralizing, patriarchal religion is not reason-centered living via “science” and secularity. It’s not opposition, it’s an alternative. The opposite of the oppression of “gay sex is evil” is not “homosexuality is biologically natural.” It’s not! Either way it is constraining behavior by some rigid ideal.

Freedom. That is the promise of both religion and secularity or humanism. If all those molds need to be broken then fine. Jesus was also good at overturning at shit. The money-lenders’ tables? And freedom does not imply “do anything!”  I am free right now to shit and smear it all over myself while singing Jonas Brothers, but I don’t do that. Because having freedom does mean one must use it at all costs.Freedom means believing in right or in dogma, but being unconstrained to realize it.


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