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Been thinking of writing an article this one website,, but never had anything interesting to contribute. Think I may have a contender: ridiculous looking uniforms worn by the deadliest soldiers.

Got the Canadian Mounties, the Buckingham Palace Guards and the Swiss Guard. Need to find more to consider an article.

Mounties: basically have jurisdiction in nearly every part of Canada and every task: anti-terrorism coast guard, anti-drug trafficking, military police.

The Buckingham Palace Guards are elite members of the British Army. That think about hassling them because they “can’t move” is a myth. They can and they have rifles.

Swiss Guard. Definitely the most ridiculous outfit, but they are essentially Secret Service for the Pope. They all must have prior military service, are trained in hand-to-hand combat and have to swear an oath like the SS to do risk anything to protect.



Came across this and even though it’s a joke from Communist Germany, it also sort of categorizes the predicament of Capitalist America in my opinion.

A worker in East Germany takes a job working in Siberia. It’s a good job but a rough place. He tells his friend that if he sends a letter, if it’s written in blue ink then it’s true, and if it’s false it’ll be in red.

A month later the friend receives a letter: “Things are great here. The weather is beautiful. The women are gorgeous. The food is delicious. The job is paying so well. My only problem is the lack of red ink.”

I think a big problem is that to be the least radical in the United States, it’s not that we censor radicals, but I think we just lack the basic language that would allow us to voice our dissent. Simply, we have no red ink.

Laibach, if you don’t know, are a Slovenian industrial music group with deep political meanings. And if you aren’t familiar, this isn’t an obscure reference, they’re quite popular in Industrial circles and affected both Rammstein (blah) and a lot of NIN (meh.)

Anyway, the thing with Laibach (the German word for Ljubjana, the capitol of Slovenia) is that they dress and sing like quasi-Fascists. To see them perform (which I haven’t) is like watching a bunch of SS step on stage.

So they are fascists? Right? Not at all. The neat thing about Laibach is they extend the fascist thing so far that it spills over. A cup over-flowing where you can see the defects as it spills over, implicating the micro-fascisms of normative liberalism. I’m reading a book by Slavoj Zizek that echoes basically the same thing. If liberalism has triumphed as all there is, then what is left for criticism but playing fascist…?

Happens whenever I mention my communist leanings…. “OOOH! Gulags and Stalin! Nyah, nyah nyah!” Yes, that shit happened, and I don’t endorse that system, but I’m not ready to let the system go. Or the idea go. Not Stalin or Mao but maybe something else. Because I really don’t fucking fancy this system of escalating poverty, environmental impacts, eternal war on terror, etc (Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah…) The present system, which seems to be fucked up, but its supporters treat as if nothing could be better.

Fucked up situations might call for fucked up solutions. And I’m not saying dictatorship. Merely that there may be alternatives to liberal democracy that get the job done better.

To the conservatives I say, get over it. Life is not how it was in 1776 and shouldn’t be treated so. To the Liberals, your concessions to conservatism point out your inner weakness. Check any historian to tell you that the dream of the Founding Fathers was muddled with shit and special interests. Was a corrupt society, hardly better than what we have now.

And Liberals… one president who sponsors universal health care and the rest falls into the Sarlac that is what matters as compromise these days. Hard for me to blame Obama for gross ineptitude, he’s swimming against a tide that even his own party promotes. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, the Democratic Party is dead to me.

But back to the Laibach Theory. I believe in it and the notions of Zizek, that perhaps the only way to look out is by over-extending what is to the point where the contradictions are obvious. To point out the bloodlust in modern society, one must become a sort of vampire.

Be embraced by someone calling you out. The world is fucked and we all know. So be happy when someone tells you you’re fucking up. It’s a good thing! Don’t get mad. We all screw up and it’s okay. Human nature is to fail. Negative remarks are assistance towards our vulnerability. Criticism is praise!

First time I ever cut myself was  the day I bought a Thoughts of Ionesco album, “For Detroit, From Addiction.” And I didn’t know or understand the whole process of what it a “cutter” was it just seemed so natural that a person would do that. So I punched a hole in the wooden door of our apartment. Took a kitchen knife to my skin and cut about four strikes in my left forearm. People seem to see it as self-abasement or punishment, but it’s not like that at all, it’s a rush and after you’re extremely calm. The after-aftermath is ugly. You have to wear sleeves all year long, I don’t condone it. But I know why it happens.

That said, if you are doing it, then you need to stop with professional help. I know what you’re going through. I so fucking do. But I also know enjoying being mostly recovered from that. And I couldn’t do it alone. Stop and get helped.

It’s been a weird trait that’s followed me all my life, but I don’t think it’s accurate.

Yes, I treat people with dignity. I am calm and shy and laugh at jokes. I do display all the marks of a “nice guy.” But much of that is learned responses to having sort of an anger complex. I brush off or deal with a lot of the general nuisances of everyday life. I have a rather long temper, you might say. But I get explosively angry when that temper cuts out.

I sort of have an anger complex. I mean a serious one. Most the people who know me would find that idea funny. That’s because I direct and divert it. I have great self control and have never lost it with a loved one–friend or family. Usually I take my anger out against myself, which is what I’m attempting to not do via writing this. Walking home this morning every person, all their small crap, I wanted to kick each and everyone of their asses. The two ladies who apparently don’t understand that other people walk on the sidewalk and don’t know how to avoid walking into them. The cell phone guy impressing his caller with how “it’s only Helser’s” (Helser’s is a brunch place in my hood that is pretty awesome, so it would be like saying “oh, I’m only eating lobster with caviar, ngah, ngah, ngah.”)

Niceness is how I adapt to the disgusting truth of human nature. If I was really “true to myself” as the New Age gurus say I’d be in prison. If half the suburban trash that stumbles onto my street saw “the real me” the doctors at the ER would scream bloody murder when they saw the bodies come through.

My friends, my family, I genuinely like all of you. I don’t ever fake sincerity of my love. But the rest of the population… middle-class, Old Navy, bourgeois mouth breathers, I want you all against the wall.