Politically-Correct… At Least With Homo Sapiens

I believe in political-correctness, at least to some points. So long as it’s meant as using respect and not just obeying a social convention one doubts. In that, I’m very PC. In that I ensure I always try my best to use terms around people I don’t wish to offend. Because fuck those arguments about, “OH! PC police telling you what you can or can’t say! BREAHGGHEHGH!” It has nothing to do with that, you selfish shithead. It’s about not being an insensitive dick to people just because your exalted class membership doesn’t know what it is to be offended.

That said I do not always use PC language. Often I use un-PC terms. Mostly, in public, for the sake of a sort of dialectic point. With casual, subtle prejudice being so common I feel often the best you can do in some circumstances is go total opposite. The absolute worst break in social normativity highlights the existence of that social normativity, while not putting people in defensive mode where they retreat into moderate prejudice and lock out thinking. And also, of course, it’s because I’m priviledged and like naughty words. It’s not all noble, I admit.

But I don’t always. I admit sometimes I use very un-PC language merely for fun, but always when I’m with inanimate or non-speaking things. I guess I still obtain a little rush from “naughty words,” but as I do it I still acknowledge it as juvenille and stupid. Usually comes out when I’m dog walking. Today I said to my housemates dog, who was dragging her leash too much, “Come on you slack-bitch faggot! Walk, or I’ll cut your cunt legs off!”

I wouldn’t ordinarily thing of it, because I don’t think “bitch” or “faggot” mean anything but an insult against the intellect of the person using them. I cast them with dogs in fun because they don’t understand English, so I presume the harm is nullified. Words can’t offend if they’re all gibberish. But today a neighbor of mine caught me saying that while she was watering her grass.

And I said this in middle-class Portland. I felt bad. I wanted to apologize to the woman saying I only say such things for my own amusement but I know why they’re horrible in the company of humans. I hate hearing “faggot” especially, I’ve even felt threatened by it, but in the context of satire or absurdity I don’t mind it at all. Problem is, I don’t think dog walking is a clear contextual situation for hyper-satire. So to my neighbor I really do apologize.


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