If Everyone Carried a Knife Stabbings Would Decrease

The news articles I couldn’t avoid even if I tried, are sort of coalescing into a common theme: conservative/hardcore GOP issues refuse to die even if it kills the party. Gun control? Pssha! Let a hundred grade schools be the sites of mass murders, guns only do good things! Fiscal responsibility? Just don’t let anyone classified as wealthy get a tax raise while we talk like serpents about how Obama is hurting the middle class (never a mention of the lower class, but that’s general politics for you.)

So… you put forth a 2012 candidate who is silver-spooned and openly admitted that most Americans would not vote for him because Americans are mostly spineless moochers. You refuse to raise ANY taxes on the wealthy despite clear evidence that the greater accumulation of wealth by them has not lead to any growth at all. Some have even said guns are not the problem for shootings of late, people are; all the while, trying to open gun access, cut public health services and increase the circulation of the weapon that lead to 20 children being killed in a single morning.

Here’s a new proposal: legalize and distribute free heroin. After all, it’s self-monitoring. Heroin doesn’t kill people, heroin users kill people. Make heroin legal, make it subsidized and accessible, most dealers will OD eventually and problem solved. Why not solve a social problem by the death of the problem-makers? That is the rationale of the gun-lobby.

And fiscal issues… “meh huh huh… Keynesian economics has been disproven, har har har!” Okay, so display what data there is for the success of Reagan-esque “Trickle Down” policy. Oh yeah… you can’t because those policies were disasterous. Except maybe not for those who can’t even understand modern realities of grocery checkouts–thought I forgot about that one Romneyists? Nope! You’re all clearly irrelevant.


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