Mad Christian Rantings

Got turned down by a romantic interest because my Christian faith was a deal-breaker. I’m disappointed, but I’m fine with it. A lot of Christians make me sick too.

This election season really hurt hard. I googled the approximate number of verses in the Bible and it came out a little over 31,000. The number of verses that pertain to sexual politics, I’d say is about four give or take. So why is homosexuality, abortion, etc such pressing issues?

How about the hundreds of verses in support of the poor?

Christianity should be the religion of the poor, the sick, the widows, the ill, the addicts, the immigrants, the workers… any interpretation that highlights anything else is a bastardized version of my faith. Claiming that hurricane Sandy or 9-11 was a response to political or sexual issues is a fucking heresy. The rich, puritanical and the established clases are not the vanguards of Christianity. God made Himself a sacrifice for ALL humanity, not for the sake of those who fuck or vote a particular way.


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