Never Judge a Soldier By Their Uniform

Been thinking of writing an article this one website,, but never had anything interesting to contribute. Think I may have a contender: ridiculous looking uniforms worn by the deadliest soldiers.

Got the Canadian Mounties, the Buckingham Palace Guards and the Swiss Guard. Need to find more to consider an article.

Mounties: basically have jurisdiction in nearly every part of Canada and every task: anti-terrorism coast guard, anti-drug trafficking, military police.

The Buckingham Palace Guards are elite members of the British Army. That think about hassling them because they “can’t move” is a myth. They can and they have rifles.

Swiss Guard. Definitely the most ridiculous outfit, but they are essentially Secret Service for the Pope. They all must have prior military service, are trained in hand-to-hand combat and have to swear an oath like the SS to do risk anything to protect.



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