We Need More Jokes Like This

Came across this and even though it’s a joke from Communist Germany, it also sort of categorizes the predicament of Capitalist America in my opinion.

A worker in East Germany takes a job working in Siberia. It’s a good job but a rough place. He tells his friend that if he sends a letter, if it’s written in blue ink then it’s true, and if it’s false it’ll be in red.

A month later the friend receives a letter: “Things are great here. The weather is beautiful. The women are gorgeous. The food is delicious. The job is paying so well. My only problem is the lack of red ink.”

I think a big problem is that to be the least radical in the United States, it’s not that we censor radicals, but I think we just lack the basic language that would allow us to voice our dissent. Simply, we have no red ink.

  1. We have red ink, but our mothers, what with all of their “Think of all the starving children in Africa!” nonsense, have conditioned us to think we don’t have it so bad.

    • You may have actually posted the best rebuttal to anything I’ve ever said. At least if I got you correctly. But yes, there are God-awful tragedies in the world and it might have transgressed from “hate” to “casual genocide.” But half as bad as what happens is how we talk it through, how we make it comprehensible. Shit happens and it’s done. We can’t retract tragedy, but we can amend human relations to stop coming tragedy.

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