The Sharp Edge

First time I ever cut myself was  the day I bought a Thoughts of Ionesco album, “For Detroit, From Addiction.” And I didn’t know or understand the whole process of what it a “cutter” was it just seemed so natural that a person would do that. So I punched a hole in the wooden door of our apartment. Took a kitchen knife to my skin and cut about four strikes in my left forearm. People seem to see it as self-abasement or punishment, but it’s not like that at all, it’s a rush and after you’re extremely calm. The after-aftermath is ugly. You have to wear sleeves all year long, I don’t condone it. But I know why it happens.

That said, if you are doing it, then you need to stop with professional help. I know what you’re going through. I so fucking do. But I also know enjoying being mostly recovered from that. And I couldn’t do it alone. Stop and get helped.

  1. it’s weird to read my thoughts type by somebody else. Well not on the part with get professional help, because I managed to get out of it by myself. But it’s kinda difficult. I’m glad you were able to stop though.

    • It has to happen however it does. Professionals ought to be there, but you’re right that they don’t have to be. I had no success until I got some professional treatment. But going at it alone, I take the pragmatic approach that if you get healed then the method doesn’t matter.

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