Beauty in Others

Funny how beauty or attractiveness, however you wish to call it, gets so colored by personality. It would seem an objective thing, beauty, but it’s not. It’s immesuarble. For me the highest beauty is in this one photo of a girl who works at Starbucks, but you maybe don’t take much notice of her when she’s making your drink. (Though I hear a lot of people do.)

Here I am thinking of traditional “gorgeous women” like Scarlett Johansson or Zoe Deschanel. Or guys like Ryan Gosling, I’m not biased. Honestly, quite honestly, their looks don’t have the impact as my Starbucks girl. I mean I wont deny that there are some really hot people out there. But It’s a whole different thing when I look at the girl I’m with. You could say that her image is colored by all our history and all that. That it’s our time together and the memories that really matter. But, yet, I was sort of crazy for her the first time I saw her in a photo. First time I saw her and about two years later she’s always been the most gorgeous woman I’ve seen.

I do truly believe that my girlfriend is the most gorgeous woman out there.


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