Life, Death and Other Casual Crap

Reading around and came upon a statement of someone asking how to convince a “suicidal” person to live. Thing for me is that we don’t need reassurances to live, we need reasons not to die. A small but important distinction. I know why I’d want to live; very easy to know why I want to live. What I need is to know why I shouldn’t die. Hard to even talk with people about this because it seems the realities of life and death don’t figure into most people’s lifeworlds.I KNOW what it is that is worth living for, what I don’t know is why dying isn’t worth dying for.

  1. I feel like a cheater because I’ve very really experienced death. Its a weird feeling to feel your heartbeat stop, But I don’t feel any obligation to talk about the wonders of being alive or grabbing life by the short hairs.

    I reject all that crap. “Live like each day is your last” is the stupidest cliche concocted by some idiot who didn’t know their hand from their ass. Life is how you live when you believe every moment will never be your “last.” It’s pressing every event to be eternal. The moment you start thinking of “last hours” you’ve constructed your own funeral. Being truly living in a moment means believing that’s what’s present is all there is or will be.

  2. The high points of my life: my girlfriend resting her head on my chest as we sleep, seeing the beaches of the West Coast, playing Thomas the Train with my nephew…. those are not moments of a “being towards death” those are moments for eternal capture. When you are given moments when life seems something breath-taking, you don’t think of when it could end, you think of how you think of how it never could. That’s a happy life.

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