Walking the Mile in Strange Shoes

People coming out as transgendered all over the news the past few days. And subsequently tons of persons trying to show how they “get what you’re going through.” For my part, I don’t have the slightest clue what it is to be transgendered. No concept whatsoever. But I get that you have a struggle, and as it seems to harm no one at all, I’d like to give you unconditional support.

I want more people to write about it so I can learn a thing or two. I want to see it come up on a national scale. I have more than a lot of friends who have some sort of gender change or preference switch; some who’ve changed and some who reject the whole binary nature of it. I repeat, I have no clue where you’re coming from, but I still believe it’s from somewhere. Teach me.

    • I’ll have to check in with all this. I really haven’t coded in with all the ways in which gender transformations have taken place, but also tried to keep stupidity of my own ignorance away from my overall support. I recall being a bit taken aback when one person I knew transitioned, then a second, then I met someone who had changed gender, then two people who reject their born gender identification, then a celebrity figure of prominence transitioned, and I started working with yet another person who carries the T in GLBT and frankly I am beside myself. I’ve stood around the queer scene but never expected this, read Judith Butler but didn’t get the real-life, but I am still a bisexual male who identifies as male and that leaves me a whole lot of ground to cover in the scene of gender identification.

  1. Kira said:

    One thing that might help you to begin to understand is to read some of the blogs you’ll find under: Transgender Transgendered, Gender, Gender Identity, and LGBT. Search for terms such as: Transition, HRT, SRS, MtF, and FtM.
    Above all, read, read, read.
    Also, take a look on YouTube and use the same search terms.

    One last thing, I want to thank you. You are doing what so many simply don’t want to do and that is to try and learn. If more people did what you are doing, this world might be made better for all of us no matter how we identify.

  2. I love seeing things like this, and I totally encourage you do do research and learn. There are maaany documentaries about Transgender people. If that’s not the way you’re really wanting to look, perhaps a more personal approach with someone who is trans, well then.. Nice to meet you. I’d be happy to answer any questions or talk to you about my identity. The blog I’m writing here, actually, is about my life as a transgender teenager and the different things I’m experiencing and going through~ So feel free to read up and such, comment, and I’ll do what I can to help with understanding. It makes me happy that people really want to know. Sometimes the T in Lgbt gets lost in the mix of everything Gay,Les and Bi, so thank you!

  3. I think T is more confusing because it represents a person changing who they are. As a bisexual, nothing about me essentially changed in time. I was born a male, remained a male, only my inclinations for sexual relationships have changed or factored in. With trans persons, it’s the opposite, it’s only their own identification that makes a stir.

    Identification will be the next big putsch. I did get a bit of discrimination as a teen, namely because I’ve been figured as hetero, but I have always had the Identity of being queer. As I like to joke ever since Dawson’s Creek aired, I went full-on homo. Thing is even when I “came out” in an unpopular era nothing about “me” changed. It was the attitudes that have been changing so far. It’s going to be much harder for transgendered persons because it’s not just a social attitude that will change but their actual, physical identities that will become political.

    Notions of gender need to come down, else we’ll only be talking about “change” as something unusual and weird. When gender itself was only a useful convenience to begin with. More language than biology.

    And hope your rights and my good grasp are realized fast as possible.

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