This Geraldo Rivera issue could get quickly overblown.

I am with the guy in his purpose of exposing that we as a society do not have an equitable treatment of blacks and whites. Geraldo was totally right on that point.

But there is acknowledging the problem and bullshit solutions to it. The hooded sweatshirt…? Alright, let’s be frank. A black teen dressed a certain way is going to get shot eventually in certain Caucasian situations. Is it his fault? Absolutely not. Is he to bear the responsibility of hundreds of years of racism? No. The responsibility for this event lies solely on this guy who shot a black teenager while working an unofficial legal job.

There’s never a case of justifying a shooting because someone was black and dressed a certain way. We do need to address things like like race, attitudes and perceptions—not to blame a victim for being shot with no purpose–but to protect our own, to create safety while we deal this these absolutely REAL problems of violence and race. The kid was so not “asking for it” but WE are asking for this when we keep these inane rules where a grown man can even shoot a kid and it becomes a matter of social discussion rather than an immediate homicide case.


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