Watched a documentary on marijuana, mainly medical marijuana.

My take on marijuana is simple: I tried it a few times, hated the experience, I don’t care for the rights of casual users that I want to waste political space for getting high… the only thing I can get aboard on is the decriminalization argument. Stop wasting tax money arresting, convicting and jailing casual pot users. Recreational users–I’m not against your activity–I just think you’re the least oppressed people and need to learn to ride backseat behind things like water utilities and grain subsidies on the list of things actually meaningful.

But I wont block medical progress. If cannabinoids show useful in treating disease then by all means lets rack it up! But first of all, smoking a plant is not pharmaceutical. I take 60mg of my drug and I can expect 60mg because of acute testing. It’s not “snort a pill or five or whatever works, man.” You can’t dose, can’t (as is) measure the content of medicinal vs. potentially dangerous chemicals, etc.

Counter-arguments to legalization that push the D-R-U-G scare into blockading also make no sense. To shut off research or doctors’ right to make decisions about health issues because stoners get high in parking lots does not resonate with me at all because we already have plenty of medicine out there with legal prescription for basically heroin deriviates (many of them stronger and more addictive.) Fentanyl, look that up. So clearly there is more than fighting drugs.

If you ask me this shit is all about rights. We know, and I certainly know, alcohol is a far worse drug, but it can be procured at any restaurant and grocery store. Marijuana, even with a doctor’s prescription, means harassment from the DEA and controversy. I am not keen on legalization because I think it smells like burnt baby diapers and skunk weed, makes me nauseous, but otherwise it’s not a public disturbance unless you’re driving, working or in a position that requires sobriety for public safety. Criminalization otherwise is just arbitrary police force to justify more arbitrary policing.

I’d like it legal, with controls perhaps. I’d like people out of jail. I’d like advocates to stop purposefully lying about false benefits other than their selfish want for recreational use. I’d like the DEA and such to respect the law of states. I’d like them held more accountable for violation of due process and Constitutional violations than those tried for possession. I’d also like it if you didn’t smoke around me because pot smells fucking disgusting. Lighting nag chaampa helps only like making a White Castle hamburger taste better by putting chocolate sauce on it.


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