Swearing. Cussing. Dirty words.

I was surfing the net and naturally I came onto the topic of racism and naughty words.

I get sick of hearing comics make apologies about how they “make fun of everyone.” No, they don’t. They always have a particular sexual, racial or social demographic that they single out. And maybe, just maybe, comedy should do that. Pointing out the nature of prejudice in a way that solicits laughter is not necessarily bad, it puts our defenses at easy to then actually deal with the gravitas of said joke.

But the apologies, that spoils it all. That is saying, “yes, I am saying something that is totally racist and probably bullshit, but I want you to not pass judgment on me because I think if racism is equalized than it’s okay.”

Here’s where WordPress deletes my account… If I tell a joke, “how many niggers does it take to change a light bulb?” but do so with forthright irony and brutal satire I may actually be forgiven by the community. If I can elicit a real problem of racism by my tongue-in-cheek joke with understanding and a no prisoners attitude, then I am dealing with the larger issue of racism. If I say, “how many niggers does it take to… but before I finish lemme just say I’m not a racist because… to change a lightbulb” then the path to any sort of comic redemption is lost. I am asking to be portrayed as a racist but pleading to not be seen as portrayed as a racist which is, the PR goal of all racists.

But you wont actually hear me tell a “how many… does it take” joke like that because I frankly do not have the comedic talent or balls to step over the line. I lack any of the sophistication of comics who can tell jokes with the tongue-in-cheek degree needed to make it satirical instead of cheap and falsified. That’s a rare gift. Few people doing comedy–professionally or very amateurly–have the skills to portray the opposite of what they mean with very controversial subjects and not look like apologetic assholes. Especially, when they work the apology into the routine.

You’re all just acting like a bunch of (ethnic slurs) who (ethnic stereotype) another (ethnic thing.)


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