To the Moral Faction of the GOP, Just Sink Already

Every once in a while I make some stab at a meaningful, theological statement here. Here’s one coming at a sleepless 6am, which I’m sure I’m going to wish to retract once I’m more mentally awake.

The GOP, those good pawns of Christian morality, you’re all living a lie. Did Jesus or does the Bible lay out a bullet-pointed plan for a proper moral code that can be implemented into a political platform? Absolutely not. And I’m happy to see so many of my co-conspirators of an orthodox understanding of Bible and God coming out on this.

Remember when Jesus said to hate your parents? How Paul said we live under no law but that of being in Christ? Or going back, did not David and Isaiah point out the flaws of strict adherence to the letter against the spirit of Mosaic law?

My interpretation of what Jesus said was not a moral code, but the fundamental destruction of all moral codes that are not based upon a vertical human-to-God love and a horizontal human-to-neighbor love. Neighbor, I might add, interpreted in the old, Israelite sense of being someone who is fundamentally strange, unorthodox, foreign, perhaps sinful and Samaritan. The idea of the “neighbor” isn’t the person who owns property next to your house, it’s not the sycophant you agrees with you at every step.

I mean take the great “Sacrament” of marriage. Paul says to marry so long as you can’t otherwise avoid the temptation to bone mercilessly. How sacred can that possibly be? “We got married because we were too horny as per Saint Paul’s injunction.” One gets the very real sense through the epistles that marriage is not so much sacred as safety net.


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