What Does a Market Want?

So I know the fun is over, the party happened and it’s too cold to camp now. But I was just tracing back to that old line about “OWS doesn’t have a coherent message!” and it only just occurred to me…

Where else do you have an almost random assemblage of people, who have varying tastes/desires, meeting in a vaguely delineated space, with an outcome/decision based off the accumulation of individual desires and wants?

A: Markets.

Think about it, the very thing that OWS is targeting is also, ironically perhaps, also the same method of that protest. What does a Market want? Who speaks for the Market? Random assemblages of people casting an unofficial vote… OWS is not as far from capitalism as capitalists are from OWS.

And a make it or break it orientation isn’t necessarily a good OR bad thing. Name one successful political movement that had a bullet point strategy for success. Not Civil Rights, not the American Revolution (the Constitution came long after a scrambled revolution had happened.) Obviously, you don’t just “revolt” and hope for the best later, something of a coherent strategy is in play before the protest fun happens. But this hardly differs from the norm.

When politicians run for office they usually spell out their platform in simple terms, and what happens? They diverge from it. Remember Reagan and Bush as the anti-tax candidates…? Remember how they shot up taxes and government spending to putting us all in debt? Remember how Obama was going to stop the abuses of the Bush-Cheney system and then re-instated the policy of indefinite detention?

Stable platforms on policy or governance are more or less shit. Anarchy, as a political method, is way more credible not only as an ideology but in practice as well.


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