Fox News Has Given Up Trying

While browsing for the types of coverage about the Tahrir Square protests I naturally had to turn to Fox News, but before I could get even close to Tahrir, I was treated to: “Obama Warns UN: Reform or Else… (We’ll Keep Sending You Money.)”

Now, no one thinks Fox News is credible journalism except Fox News. They try to put up a good show of it, but using sarcasm in a front page headline is not even trying to appear respectable. That is just going full-on editorial without even the decency to at least try to cover up such a huge violation of ethics in journalism.

It’s a bad sign when a media organization like Fox can be so completely out in the open about their total lack in objectivity. We all knew Fox is a conservative mouthpiece, but the fact that they had mostly been keeping it subtle was at least consoling in that it showed their inner guilt for being a soap box rather than a news source. But in their growing openness, which still carries the same psychological denial of “fair and balanced,” it’s just clear that they no longer even worry about being called out.

Deny, disavow, play the fool… it’s not just Fox, nor just the right-wing, but it’s politics itself. Or take Herman Cain or Newt Gingrich in response to their bizarre and troublesome attitude towards women and marriage, they basically divert, go into tangents, deny and bullshit reporters into submission. Yet, where was Gingrich during Clinton’s trials? No honor among adulterers, apparently.

Particularly horrifying has been the constant, double-sided talk from Wall Street. Wall Street says, “we’re the only ones who can run a complex global economy! You *need* our expertise!” But when accused both of negligence and criminal activity suddenly they become the ignorant, doe-eyed fools that are too naive and innocent to have been economy-crashing greedy.


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