Speaking of the Master Cleanse Diet

So speaking of the Master Cleanse diet, a lot of people I know swear by it, but I have a few questions for subscribers of this, doctors, professionals basically anyone…

1. If lemon, maple syrup and cayenne have “toxin” removing properties, wouldn’t it make sense to push them heavily into a diet plan? Rather than have periodic cleanses?

2. The toxins that the cleanse flushes, can you A. name one and B. explain why this particular diet eliminates it? In terms of chemistry terms, so I can check with sources. 🙂

3. Most of the arguments I tend to hear in favor of the Cleanse say, “I just did it and it worked!” How might you respond to the suggestion that maybe people just get a boost of positive feelings by thinking their doing something good and in the end associate their happiness to “committing to a ludicrous diet” as itself their positive feelings of well-being?

4. Lemons are out of season, can I use limes instead? Maple syrup is expensive, can I swap Mrs. Butterworth? Cayenne? I prefer paprika, is this okay? If these substitutions are invalid, please explain why giving concrete reasons on a pharmaceutical level.


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