My Verbatim but Flawed, Over-Emotional Letter to the Obama Campaign

Two points I wasn’t clear on:

1. That Obama put an end to Guantanamo-esque torture, I’m glad of! For sure! But infinite detention, with no due process is still in my mind akin to torture, or at least entirely counter-focal to the very exact standards of our Constitution and our international treaties. So saying “no torture” as an appeal to me is basically like saying it’d be cool if you or I were jailed for life so long as the guards didn’t beat us. Your argument holds water as a sieve.

2. Obama should not count on his left-liberal supporters if indiscriminate detention (I hate to say “indefinite” because that implies a reason for detention had been already there.) I know things are more complex than the left-center-right division that has plagued politics that have plagued politics since the French Revolution, but I don’t know one single–not a single human being–who does not reside on the left side that Obama appeals to that finds detention the least tolerable. Most those I associate with, both political theorists and totally average Joes from the Midwest, we find it nauseating and disturbing.

Practical for the safety of our nation…? No, our safety resides in our commitment to values over short term leaps into totalitarian practice for the sake of efficiency! This simply CANNOT stand and expect the continued support of those of us from a plethora of left-liberal traditions. Even my mom, who will slap a vote on any Democrat who mentions environment or labor in passing is starting to question Obama’s capacity for anything but a shifting centrist pollster! We DO want to support him, and I think he has the gusto and know-how to really do some shit. But if he keeps this up, he’s another Clinton or Carter, a caving Democrat who gets his more passionate supporters looking for other, better options. This is what I know from basically my entire political support group.

Please, stop caving to simplicity without justice. Make us proud, you’ve got little time to expect any kind of vote from me. I’d rather abstain as of now (but I’d REALLY not want to.)


Post-script, I can see a lot of basic flaws in how I appealed to a federally elected candidate. For one, no one is going to read all of that, if anyone reads it at all. But to put it in a way that I suppose anyone who reads me would get, Obama is to me what a Radiohead fan might expect after 5 years of waiting for a new album only to get served posturing crap (King of Limbs, for example.)

Real political tact, not that you should ever take me as a good example! is a fine thing. It’s a mix of actually making informed statements to your official, being non-polemic, not vituperative, and hitting straight to what you hope/expect/approve them to do. Basically, everything I didn’t do!


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