Abortion Probably Sucks

Pro-choice. So in the grand scheme of things I am certainly pro-choice. As in I believe in a legal right to safe and legal abortion for all women who want that. How then could I possibly be pro-life?! Well, evidently by not conforming to all the tenets of the greater pro-choice movement, which I will now deconstruct and explain.

1. “It’s my body, it’s my choice.” No. Technically, that thing in you is not your body. That is another body inside your body. That you should have legal rights to decide certain options, even for the life and death of this other, yes, I gladly concede that! But that it’s “in” you does not grant you ultimate rights.That’s some twisted and bizarre legal reasoning.It resembles the logic of so many home-steaders who shoot an intruder claiming that sovereignty laws (that don’t really exist) enabled them to murder.

2. “It’s a choice.” Well, it would be a choice if it were certainly not murder. But it isn’t quite, not exactly and not for sure. I don’t chime in with the “fetuses are human beings!” side, but nor do I with the “fetuses are just some cells, not life!” side. Lets face it, it’s complicated, and well impossible to know what is and isn’t a baby. Conception, third trimester, birth… all this shit is arbitrary as hell. If you think otherwise, give me a solid argument why it isn’t. Why the definition of a human-with-rights begins “HERE” but not “THERE” then go on and solve this grand dilemma.

So what we do is make the best choice given the facts we have, our general knowledge and a rough median of our collective ethical decisions. And mine, well, it’s pro-choice. I welcome pro-life dialogue, I actually get what you’re saying because I’m not skewed by the biases of traditional pro-choice banter. But I still disagree. And this is what I hate so much about the abortion issue; I “get” the opposition, but all the arguments against it have no bearing toward it. I feel that it’s obvious that *IF* a fetus in the womb is actually a person that it’s rights triumph a woman who says her uterus is her own. But not so easy! Supposing a life, if “real,” doesn’t get entitled to rights. Now you’ve got a playfield wide fucking open.

But that’s such a speculative if, there is way more to talk of, but no talk happens in the abortion debate. So all I can do is push the safest and most general argument: I want abortion to stop, but I want to keep it legal. Because theologically and scientifically that’s all I see. Until the deadlock is broke where we can actually talk about the rights of parents *and* the sanctity of life then the abortion debate is basically apples and oranges talking about who is more fruitier. Yes, fruitier.


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