A Tad More White On This

So, again, made some enemies. Said it is racist of me to advocate programs specifically for improvement of racial minorities. I break it down:

1. Either racial minorities are at fault for their situation or…

2. Racial minorities are excluded from outside influences.

Now I can’t think of any plausible alternative here. Mathematically, there is none. It’s discrimination or it isn’t. Some say that equality takes time, but I do not think so. This is not a land of equal opportunity (garnered by the progression of historical progress based on it’s own time scale and thwarted by…)

That last bit always gets me in race arguments because it happens so often. Blacks/Latinos/etc. you just need to wait while social progress develops. Bullshit! If You have any “right” in this country, then it happens NOW, not when the social tide turns. “We know you have a right but we don’t have a political tide to back up actually giving it to you” is just pure moral cowardice. Not to mention illegal. Or, what really slams the opposition in the right-wing area, racist.

Because it’s not so much about what positions people take anymore, it’s the attitude they profess. “I am So-And-So and I am definitely not a racist!” Great, so we can forget all the shit you actually did and take you at your word that you are not racist? It happens all the goddamn time and we’re sick of it! I support racial equality when I say those lazy #@%&^*ers should just get jobs. Hey, maybe F that rhymes with caulks should do a bit of easy math and wonder how an administration that has supposedly lost jobs should entail people on welfare to just get jobs. Because, sensibly, big fucking difference there.

Good news! I just solved the gas shortage crisis. People who are afraid of petroleum depletion should just fill up at Sunoco. Problem solved. Next!

White elites, mostly Republican but I’m not judging, often want to go to the “if you work hard you succeed argument.” Which is nothing more than a donkey-cock “if someone made it, then you can too.” A squealing and anti-sacremental pile of dogshit. If you “make it” because you were awarded tons of privileges because your family got here on the Mayflower and not a slave-ship then I see no kudos to award. If success comes despite terrible odds, then I don’t see that as success, I prefer to focus on the “terrible odds” part.


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