Telecom Nightmares

I hate paying my phone bill, my internet bill, who doesn’t? But recently I got curious when I found out that my phone gets 4G access! Sounds technological and awesome! But it seems 4G is an accepted standard and no phone companies get it. None, not even on their best days. Seems that 4G is a potential, which is like me saying my 94 Honda Civic is a hovercar (potentially!)

We have much of the groundwork for very high-speed and pretty awesome internet already. I mean bandwidth speeds that’ll give your WoW character a meth buzz. But we aren’t going to get it. Why? We sold it to private companies.

Do you really think Comcast wants to deliver you an awesome internet? You’re already paying shitloads for an already existent network, why would they spend more money developing another when we’re paying them hundreds a week for the shit we have?

Countries like Sweden and South Korea are investing in this super internet. The U.S. still says we might… but only if a company can make a profit. Google has stepped up. We might come out of this mess globally competitive, but just imagine what your Google bill will be, as they’ll have a monopoly.


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