Fight Night Tonight

My Facebook page is awash with people complaining about how Michigan’s governor, Rick Snyder, is usurping democratically elected governments to put his own crony system in place. Well, duh?

I have no interest in defending Snyder. He’s a sheep-fucking prick who even the sheep mock for his insanely small dick. #ricksnyderspenisisincrediblysmall

But issues, the issues! Can government take over a town if it meets a criteria for failure? In a traditional democratic sense, no. Not at all. The very idea of that is fucking insane to democracy… can government step in if a society is failing by the standards of the government that is stepping in?

I meant to elaborate on that with real world issues, but there is nothing more exemplary than the situation in Michigan. A government can step in to correct what is said to be wrong based on standards set by that government. There really is nothing more anti-democratic than that.

So what I hope will give this article some life is the political converse. If a state holds a popular vote, which allows gay marriage, is the state obliged to side with the majority or stick to some other criteria? Gay Rights Supporters (myself included) say that there is a fundamental cause that must be adhered to above popular wishes. But what cause is that? Where are gay rights encoded legally in some unfound, unrealized version of law?

There isn’t any. Gay rights are fought for out of what is missing in the system of democratic politics. We have and are denied rights purely on the basis of contemporary debate. There is nothing Constitutional about the Cause, nor is there anything anti-Constitutional.

I feel sorry for those who have given up the idea of class struggle. Yes, class is incresingly meaningless. But so is archaic “Constitutionalism” and waxing over what our “forefathers” meant (fuck you, pretty much all of Fox News.) There is a combat over ground that has no legal precedent. It’s one camp versus the other, both of which are trying to play gentlemen, but there is no such thing. Invent and then call it class, or don’t, mean thing is that there are no legs to stand on. This is a polite war with no rules, only winner take all.


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