I Praise the Tea Party as Pigs Take to Flight

No, no. Who could think that Apoplectical Materialism, the west’s leading Marxist thinker would ever say anything nice about those White Guard militants who call themselves the Tea Party?

But yeah, you could not find a more perfect example of the flaws in our democracy than the Tea Party. The Tea Party raise a big-ass fuss (about what, no one is really sure except that it might have something to do with government or taxes.) But should the ignorant not also cast their vote in our major elections? Who says you have to understand shit to have a say? That’s fucking elitist!

If you, like me, listen to the liberal-infected media that is NPR, there’s no shortage of stories on how the Tea Party popularity is killing the Republicans. So? Haven’t I been clamoring for years that the Democrats are (if you can even call them such) left-wing failures? Criticism should be applauded in a free speech democracy zone like this; yet, as the media reports it can also be politically unsound. DO NOT, they say, stray from the party line. You’ll take away votes, you’ll give the “greater evil” more power.

I’d just love to hear someone defend such a political farce. Because, whether you’re right or left, it’s the case that if you vote for the candidate who pushes your values too far, you jeapordize the whole race. Yesterday’s Nader is today’s Tea Party.  But this Tea Party is showing way more boldness than the acquiescent Nader did. Apparently, they wont shut up (nor do I think that’s necessary.)

Bravo! Tea Party! Sincerely. While I think you’re a bunch of dumbasses with no real grasp of politics (we can talk later), I have to applaud you all for not backing down under the “Democrats will win!” fears cast. You guys stick to your guns, and that’s more than I can say for my liberal/leftist bretheren sometimes. You say “Republican majority” and suddenly even the most strident Communist is a hardcore Democrat.

At my most pessemistic I fear this is because, while the Tea Party pushes sharp emotionalism, no leftist party is able to do likewise. Smart political decisions will require more than just sound bytes and political anger, but the left has cast too much of that aside. Leftists, wherever and whoever they are, want to play the polite, post-college reformists. We’d rather laugh with John Stewart on Comedy Central than… “I dunno… do something, my post-Foucaultian professor would not approve.” And while I am not foremost a psychic mindreader, I feel it’s because much of the left really doesn’t give a shit.


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