Beck: Prophet and Revivalist: Eschews Sheep’s Clothing for Three-Piece S

I understand from news reports that Beck’s recent rally in D.C. was meant not as a political rally but a religious one. So he claims. Though his job and fame is to make inflamed reactionary statements on television on politics… if that doesn’t send up red flags (no pun intended) then you’re sleepwalking.

Beck, which scriptures are you drawing your spiritual ideology from? Atlas Shrugged? The Road to Serfdom? Treason?

Because I have read that ol’ Bible so heavily praised. I do not recall every seeing Jesus confront the poor with claims of laziness and “why don’t you get a job?” Nor did the earlier prophets. Matthew 19:21. The only economic principle Jesus ever spoke of was charity. Giving to others who have less is the maxim. That is wholly incompatible in an economic system that promotes individual wealth and competition. No ifs, ands or buts there.

Sure, there can be charity in a capitalist system. It can abound, but the system itself goes against charity as a principle. Just as mercy can be shown in warfare, abundantly, but war is not merciful.

I thought to look for polls on the most significant books of right-wing ideology. One poll naturally put the Bible at the top (there go my eyes rolling again.) Also high on the list were two George Orwell novels. What lovely irony! Do they even realize Orwell’s politics? What he actually fought gun-in-hand for?


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