Dear God! We Forgot About the Anarchists!

I’m still musing over the “socialist” accusations that are flying wild in America. I am more tickled than concerned. I do not expect rationality or logic from the politics of my country anymore. Generally not from Democrats, almost never from Republicans. And the Tea Party, not even a tenth as cool as the dudes that threw crates of tea into the Boston Harbor. I insist they pick a more boring name.

But health care reform! Socialism! By God! The state is going to use tax money for citizens to spend with private insurance companies for treatment at private hospitals. Obviously private property is under attack. And the intrusion! You’re gonna tell me that health insurance can’t be dropped if I get sick? That’s as ridiculous as saying my life insurance policy can’t be dropped if I die.

“Okay, U.B. Drop the sarcasm. It’s just like a flag-burning commie to make socialism into a private property issue. We all known that socialism is really just another word for big government.”

So it has been said, many times. It only dawned on me today that there is one little group out there that might throw something of a monkey wrench into that argument. The anarchists! Yes, libertarian socialists is another word you can tag them with. They advocate for no government and socialism. I guess if you believe the media distortions anarchists must be complete oxymorons.

Or maybe the right are just morons.


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