Statement of Purpose (Or Just An Excuse For Not Writing)

Today I’m feeling rather defeated by my goal to make this a philosophy blog.

I’ve been reading article after article, blog after blog, trying to generate a train of thought that I can run with. But it’s getting late, someone else made dinner that I had to go eat, and now that I’ve returned to the computer I still see no prospects in sight.

It’s easy to write philosophy when you read philosophy. As evidenced by the fact that on the philosophical blogosphere just about every article references some work by Derrida, Deleuze or Spinoza. All references I do not have on hand; I refuse to Wikipedia anything for this site.

Academics are a notoriously quotable type. Easy when you have a university of resources at hand. Me, I’ve got a small public library to work with. So my chances of participation within the multitude is somewhat limited. Yes, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

The other option that I feel I’ve succumbed to too often is to make glossy, polemic political commentary. While I enjoy polemics like an old wine, I have no aspirations to be a micro-sized Michael Moore. I think the media has produced enough “political entertainment” via Fox News, the Daily Show, etc. I don’t need to be another piss in that ocean.

Ideally, I would like to transverse a middle ground between the two approaches. Since I have never faced the corruptive power of philosophical academia (seems to me, you can keep it) I hope I am free to explore philosophy without needing to abide by its linguistic conventions. And hopefully I may keep this blog above the dreck and sewage of partisan politicking and superficial opining.

Sorry for just talking about blogging, instead of really blogging. I have just been distracted by life, and my reading has been mostly fiction. However, I am getting some thoughts reading Richard Wright’s Native Son. More than I’m getting from the works of Aristotle (boring.) Blog on race coming soon…?


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