Governor Burning Proverbial Crosses in Viriginia

And you thought a black president meant the U.S. has progressed in civil rights?

Well, Virginia says “let’s not get rid of our white robes just yet.”

Robert McDonnell is just audaciously racist or criminally stupid, perhaps both. What level of son-of-a-klansman douchebag does it take to proclaim to the entire state of Virginia a call to “understand the sacrifices of the Confederate leaders, soldiers and citizens” in Confederate History Month?

Seriously, McDonnell, did you just forget that you have African-American constituents? Or am I onto something with my hypothesis that you’re promoting a sugar-coated celebration of ‘glohrious suthen’ racism?

Because “understand the sacrifices” is not an ambiguous phrase. It fails, by miles and miles, to denote the rather obvious fact of history that the “South” fought a war to defend what it considered it’s republican right to violently enslave Africans. Well, that is to say the phrase fails unless you happen to condone slavery.

But something tells me any black person who reads your proclamation, with even the slightest amount of self-identity and sense of history, is not going to sympathize with the “sacrifices” of an army that fought to keep blacks chattel for whites.

Freud said that subconscious desires always find a way to surface to the top. And time after time the Republican Party keep letting slip these poorly-concealed declarations of bigotry. Some still say America has “progressed” but in my eyes I see a conservative movement showing absolutely no shame in being racist assholes.


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