No Prom Is Better Than Gay Prom

Raise your hand if you’re scared of lesbians.

Evidently, one school in Mississippi is:

It’s a shame everyone wont have prom, but what a chance for an educational moment. This is perfect material for civics class.

Rather than run the risk of a public backlash for banning a student based on sexual orientation, the school erased the very possibility of a public dialogue (well, not really.) No prom, no “gay” debate. This closely parallels the Freudian notion of repression, does it not? Instead of resolving a conflict, one actively denies that a conflict exists.

Classic homophobia would’ve just banned the girls. Neo-homophobes on the other hand are closeted and insecure.

Just look at the reason they give, “reserved the right to ask Ms McMillen and her girlfriend to leave if it made any other students feel uncomfortable.” This is the inverse of the logic of tolerance. Where egalitarianism is a method of bringing displaced minorities into the mainstream, this new pseudo-tolerance seeks to protect the majority group from psychic discomfort caused by the presence of a minority.

This inverse tolerance isn’t just reserved for gays and lesbians. Immigrants are also accused of creating social distress by subverting WASP cultural heritage. Corporations use it to black reprisal for anti-social practices. Traditionally marginalized groups are being transformed into aggressive agents under rhetoric of non-interference. “Right to equality” is shunned for a new “right against intrusion.”


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